Monday, July 11, 2011

Reunion - The Good Old Days...


Sebetulnya, aku patut wat entri ni seminggu dulu
Tapi biasalah, dah memang biasa last2 minute macam ni…
Aku gak yang gatal2 suggest kan wat reunion ni
Tak sangka lak diorang sume berminat nak join nak turut serta…

The thing is, for the past 7 days, I’ve been trying to gather all my strengths and thoughts towards this post
I want this post to be as memorable as our memories which has been written beautifully

How we met each other in this virtual world
How a single entry captured our heart to know the person better
How we attached to each following entries the blogger wrote

we commented each posts, regardless the how busy we are
How an anonymous became a name and a name became a face, and a face became an identity
How we grew from there

we supported each other
How we teased each other with our posts
*remember ‘the poster’ I made when Diya disappeared???*

How after that when the heat of blog became cold, we keep contact each other via alternative ways
How we comforted each other when we know others have problem
How we tolerated with each other when someone makes mistake

I keep remembering, I keep reminiscing
All memories of 2-3 years of blogging with you guys have made me the one I am now

I keep finding the right word, the right phrase, the right post to give to you guys
But I know, I failed

Because, there is no word on earth
No word in the dictionary
No word in any other language
Can describe how ‘good’ the old days

Ini bukan perihal ayat
Ini bukan perihal kata-kata
Ini perihal RASA

RASA yang dirasa bila kita berjumpa
RASA yang dirasa bila kita tertarik
RASA yang dirasa bila kita terikat

RASA yang dirasa bila kita memberi
RASA yang dirasa bila kita mengenali name, wajah, identiti
RASA yang dirasa bila kita berkembang

RASA yang dirasa bila kita menyokong
RASA yang dirasa bila kita bergurau

RASA yang dirasa bila kita menenangkan
RASA yang dirasa bila kita toleransi

Tiada ayat, tiada kata-kata yang bisa menggambarkan RASA itu…
Dan RASA itu tak boleh dijual beli
Kerana kita yang alami, kita yang RASA

Reunion – The Good Old Days…
We see where we can go from here…

Adi Khairuddin
11 Julai 2011
1:18 am

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHA entri poster tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! baru teringat. masa belek archives kat YT baru2 ni, tak terjumpa plak entri nya. adoiii kenangan sangat poster tu. diya ada save tapi tak ingat dah letak mana, haha

Joey said...


did you think i can't find you?

well, here i am. I guess I memang pandai cari orang. sejak dari zaman KA lagi..wakakaka

Anyway, selamat berjumpaan kembali, itupun kalau masih ingat :P

Anonymous said...

there's a very pleasant feel about this post. i like it. =)